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We Offer Payment Plans


DFU (Done For You)

If you just need assistance finding a unit while you manage it afterwards, this is the program for you for a year access to inventory.


Hands Free Program

We understood that there are hundreds of thousands of business owners looking to diversify their income into Airbnb. Although they have the investments, they don't have the time. Our experts will secure you the most profitable units and manage your business while also handling guest relations all while you get paid for the duration of the lease. 


1 on 1 AirBNB Coaching

You will have a lifetime access to our specialized team that will help you start and grow your AirBnB business. 


Co-Host Premium

We are here to take the property that you already own and help you maximize your profits with short term rental for duration of the lease.


Air BNB Intake Video

Watch a Pre- Recorded video to assist you with jump starting your Airbnb business. This video gives you basic information and also a Million Dollar Access document to assist you with moving forward at your own pace. 

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